Sunday, September 20, 2020

Be the Buddha

Don't quote the Buddha,
be the Buddha.

Eckhart Tolle

Just Part of It All

I was no longer needing to be special because
I was no longer caught up in my puny separateness
that had to keep proving I was something. I was
part of the universe, like a tree is, or like grass is,
or like water is. Like storms, like roses.
I was just part of it all.

Ram Dass

Remember Us

Remember us, if at all, not as lost
Violent souls, but only
As the hollow men,
The stuffed men.

T. S. Eliot

Friday, September 18, 2020

Full Manhood

When the moment calls for fierceness,
nobody fucks with you. And when
the moment calls for tenderness,
you are not tender. You are very,
very tender. And a great Warrior knows
which is which.

Maasai Tribal Elder (as told by Terrence Real)

She Creates a Genius

When nature has work to be done,
she creates a genius to do it.

Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Loving Maleness

To create loving men, we must love males.
Loving maleness is different from praising
and rewarding males for living up to
sexist-defined notions of male identity.
Caring about men because of what they do
for us is not the same as loving males
for simply being. When we love maleness,
we extend our love whether males are
performing or not.

bell hooks

Hundreds of Ways

Today, like every other day, we wake up
empty and frightened. Don't open the door
to the study and begin reading. Take down
the dulcimer. Let the beauty we love be
what we do. There are hundreds of ways
to kneel and kiss the ground.